Watching Jonathan move while he plays can tell you a lot about the music that he creates.

Jonathan is an Israeli musician born to parents of German and Moroccan origin. His musical career began at age eighteen, when he was chosen to play bass with Israel’s leading singer-song writer Yudit Ravitz. Within a short time he became a sought-after session musician who recorded over a hundred records and toured with Israel’s top artists both in Israel and worldwide. The purchase of a eight-track tape machine at age twenty four marked the beginning of what he defines as “my love affair with sound”. What began as a small music studio soon turned into a thriving career as music producer of many records and award winning music.

In 2001 Jonathan joined Izabo band. Two years later the band was signed to SONY BMG, and their debut album, “Morning Hero”, was released in the United Kingdom. The same album was also released in France, Belgium and the Netherlands under the title “The Fun Makers”. A second album, “Superlight”, followed in 2009. In 2012 Izabo were signed to 100% Records, where they released their third album “Life Is On My Side”. Highly acclaimed for their unique musical style, Izabo toured all over Europe, and were chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. Jonathan Levy presently resides in New York City.

- Jonathan has worked with -

Steve Earl

Kruder and Dorfmeister

Melinda Ortner

Mike Hedges


Tamir Muskat


Shai Maestro

Idan Raichel

Deron Johnson

Daniel Zamir

Jojo Mayer

Blitz the Ambassador

Ari Hoenig

Habanot Nechama

David Broza

Sarit Hadad

Mosh Ben Ari

Yehudit Ravits

Nourit Galron

Shanee Pink

Gidi Gov

Dany Sanderson

Amir Benayoun

Berry Sacharov

Dana Adini

Yael Decklbaum

Rony Peterson


Korin Alal

Loui Lahav

Efrat Gosh

Koren Ensamble


Ohad Naharin

Astar Shamir

Dory Lobel

Ofer Meiri

David Daor

Ravid Kachlani

Shira Gavrielov

Alaev Family

Dida Peled

Mika Harry

Gali Atari

Yossi Fine


Where is the Child?

Man Made Sun

Charlotte and Magon

Yirmi Kaplan

The Walking Man

Mika Ben Yami

Emili Karpel

Danny Robas

Rona Keinan

Roni Alter

Karni Fostel

Efrat Ben Tsur

Micha Shitrit

  • "Jonathan’s music is characterized by a beautiful combination of western music intertwined with eastern tones, giving it a unique color."

    - Tal Herzberg (Producer)

  • "Jonathan’s writing and arranging made me want to start our project together..."

    - David Broza

  • "Jonathan’s music production is complex and brilliant..."

    - Israeli TV Channel 10